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New Products

IMMIX from LoggerHead Tools is a multitool based on the company's award- winning Bionic Wrench design. The ImmiX offers the functionality of up to 34 full-sized tools in an ergonomic and compact package. At the core of the ImmiX is the 6" Bionic Wrench head, which automatically adjusts to fit 14 sizes of fasteners. Its handles store 20 of the most commonly used screwdriver bits. The screwdriver heads fit into a magnetic bit driver at the end of the body. When the handles are closed they form a full-function screwdriver with a pistol grip. The ImmiX sells for around $26.50. Contact: P.O. Box 83, Palos Park, IL 60464. Tel: 888-564-4374.



LEE VALLEY HAND COUNTERSINK is an eight-fluted hand countersink with an 82-degree included angle, which makes quick work of countersinking or easing hole edges and it is perfect for deburring holes in brass and mild steel, according to the company. The large number of flutes means the handle need only be rotated 45 degrees when countersinking. The hand tool can be used for installing self-support sleeves, whose rounded shoulders must be accommodated for flush seating. The hand countersink has an octagonal hardwood handle, a 5/8" diameter head, and is 5-1/2" long overall. It sells for $16.50. Contact: Lee Valley Tools Ltd., P.O. Box 1780, Ogdensburg, NY 13669. Tel: 800-871-8158.

CHALK-RITE GEAR DRIVE from Tajima Tool is a gear-driven ultra-thin chalk snap-line. It features a gear-drive winding, which permits up to three times faster winding than standard snap-lines, according to the company. The positive gear-lock line hold automatically releases during rewind. The product also features a folding crank, easy-fill spout, and a tool to facilitate line replacement. The price of Chalk-Rite with 199' of .5 mm line is $29.95. Replacement spools are available for $6.99. There are also 100' replacement spools of thicker line (1 mm) for $6.99. Contact: Tajima Tool Corp., 3510 Torrance Blvd., Suite 112, Torrance, CA 90503. Tel: 888-482-5462.



ROCKLER SANDPAPER DISC STATION is designed to provide an excellent organization system for sandpaper discs. Five plastic holders can hold different grits and slide out. Holes are built into the holders to accommodate the placement of pegs for positioning 5- or 8-hole sandpaper. The cabinet measures 8-1/8" high x 6-1/4" wide x 5-1/2" deep and includes 25 pins. The sanding disc station retails for $29.99. Contact: Rockler Cos., 4365 Willow Drive, Medina, MN 55340. Tel: 800-279-4441.

EASYCOPER is a durable plastic aid, designed by a professional carpenter out of a need to simplify the cutting and coping of crown molding. The product allows the user to use a jig saw instead of a regular hand-held coping saw, reducing wrist and hand stress, as well as arm fatigue, according to the company. EasyCoper is designed to handle up to 5-1/2" molding and is pre-drilled so it can be fastened to the end of a work bench. Once the molding is mitered, it is placed in the jig face up. To cope the molding, follow the profile of the stock with the saw just like you would within a hand saw. The jig forces you to cut at the correct angle every time and provides good visibility of the piece while working it. The EasyCoper is priced at $34.95. Contact: EasyCoper, P.O. Box 14248, Greensboro, NC 27415. Tel: 336-375-9401.  


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