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BOESHIELD TOOL LUBRICATING PRODUCTS protect against rust on metal and cast-iron surfaces, according to the manufacturer. Boeshield T-9 is a solvent and paraffin wax formula developed by Boeing Aviation for long-term metal protection. It can be used on all tool surfaces where sliding lubrication and protection are needed. Boeshield T-9 penetrates into metal pores, displaces moisture, dries to a thin film, and contains no silicone or Teflon. RustFree removes rust and stains from any surface, including cast iron and steel, usually in 30 to 45 seconds. Blade & Bit removes resin, gum and pitch from saw blades, drill bits, router bits and tool tops. A 1-ounce container of Boeshield T-9 sells for $3.99, while a gallon jug is available for $99.99. An 8-ounce tube of RustFree or Blade & Bit sells for $9.99; or $59.99 per gallon. Contact: PMS Products Inc., 76 Veterans Dr., #110, Holland, MI 49423. Tel: 800-962-1732.

ALLIGATOR BOARD is metal pegboard for organizing and storing tools. The pegboard is available in nine finishes — stainless steel, black, white, galvanized steel, yellow, orange, red, green, and blue - in various sizes. The manufacturer offers a basic kit, which includes four pegboard sections that covers a 16" x 32" area, for $67.45. The company also offers work benches and pegboard accessories. Contact: Alligator Board, 325 Windy Point Drive, Glendale Heights, IL 60139. Tel: 866-338-8000.



BIGFOOT BAG is a multi-functional bag that can unzip completely flat and work as a ground cloth or tarp. The entire BigFoot line is available in small, medium and large sizes and includes the BigFoot Cargo Bag ($54.95 to $131.95), made of reinforced vinyl, for heavy-duty, weather-resistant applications; the BigFoot Gear Bag ($44.95 to $87.95), made of denier polyester, for all-around camping and sports activities; and the BigFoot Yard Bag ($39.95 to $79.95), which is made of woven UV-treated polypropylene with PE laminate, for yard maintenance. Contact: BigFoot Bag. Tel: 877-883-0200.

ORBITAL STATION is a product designed by a cabinetmaker to make the task of operating a 5" palm-grip orbital sander more efficient. The holder allows the user to secure the sander while leaving both hands free to reposition material. The only time it's necessary to turn off your sander is when changing discs or the sanding operation is complete. The Orbital Station is made from heavy-gauge steel and has a durable powder coat finish. It has keyed screw holes for mounting directly to a work station in two positions. It also can be quickly mounted in a vice or secured to a temporary work table with the use of a handscrew and bar clamp. The spring steel yoke adjusts to accept nearly every brand of 5" palm grip sanders, including many of the quarter sheet models. The Orbital Station retails for $35.95, plus shipping and handling. Contact:


BOSCH 7" T-SHANK JIG SAW BLADES are two recent additions to the power tool manufacturer's accessory line. The T718BF3 model is a 7", 14-TPI bimetal blade, ideal for cutting materials sandwiched between metal, such as MDF, structural insulated panels, and oriented strand board up to 4-3/4" thick, according to the company. The T744D3 is a 7", 6-TPI, high carbon steel blade specially designed for making fast cuts in 4x4 and 4x6 lumber, engineered wood beams, and laminated veneer lumber. A three-pack of model T718BF3 sells for $28 and model T744D3 sells for $20, also for a three-pack. Contact: Bosch Power Tools and Accessories. Tel: 224-232-2737.

MDG TOOLS MAGNOGRIP WRISTBAND is guaranteed by the manufacturer to securely hold nails, screws, drill bits, fasteners and tools. The Magnogrip wristband has embedded magnets, which the company says are strong enough to securely hold a hammer. The MDG Magnogrip wristband sells for $15.95, plus shipping. Contact: MDG Tools Inc., 907 Fremont Pl., Suite 4, Menlo Park, CA 94025. Tel: 888-751-5975.

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