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STYLE-LINE SOFT-SANDERS are for use in manual sanding applications across a wide range of industries including woodworking, home improvement, marine and automotive. Soft-Sanders are sold in sets comprising six blocks and three densities. The blocks have been designed for use with adhesive-backed sandpaper and will also work well with non-adhesive wet or dry sandpaper, according to the company. Soft-Sanders are soft and pliable, durable and resistant to most solvents. The six-pack of Soft-Sanders is priced at $24.95. Contact: Style-Line Corp. Intl., 200 Custom Place, Bogart, GA 30622. Tel: 800-752-9863.



EXTRACTOR NAIL PLIERS from Lee Valley & Veritas feature 8"-long handles and a specially curved heel, which provide significant leverage with minimal marring, according to the manufacturer. The parallel jaws grip along their whole length, with serrations that extend to the top to allow removal of nails broken to within 3/16" of the surface. The pliers are priced at $24.50. Contact: Lee Valley Tools Ltd., P.O. Box 1780, Ogdensburg, NY 13669. Tel: 800-871-8158.

THE DADO KING, from Forrest Mfg., features a negative hook on all its teeth, including chippers, which allows it to cut up and into wood. The stacked set cuts grooves from 1/8" through 29/32", works in all directions with and across the grain, and is effective in all materials, including softwood, hardwood, oak ply veneer, melamine and Formica, according to Forrest. The Dado King has hard, corrosion-resistant C-4 micro-grain carbide tips and can be used with table and radial arm saws. The dado set comes with six four-tooth chippers and two 24-tooth outside blades, plus a set of magnetic adjusting shims. The Forrest Dado King blades range in size from 6" to 12" and are priced from $243.90 to $359.10. Contact Forrest Mfg. Co., 457 River Road, Clifton, NJ 07014. Tel: 973-473-5236.



LASERX2 CIRCULAR SAW from Skil Power Tools has a 7-1/4" blade and a two-beam laser to ensure accurate cutting. Powered by a 2.5-hp motor, the Skil model 5755 circular saw provides the necessary strength for cross cutting and ripping in all wood types, according to the manufacturer. The anti-snag lower guard reduces hang-ups in the materials when making narrow cut-offs. The spindle lock ensures blade changes are simple, while the wrench storage on the saw provides convenient accessibility. A rear-depth adjustment helps the user quickly identify the depth of cut, and the safety lock on the trigger prevents accidental starts. The tool comes with a carrying case, 18-tooth carbide blade and wrench, and is priced at $79.99. Contact: Skil Power Tools. Tel: 877-754-5999.

SDS DESIGNS CRETE SHEET is described by the company as the world's simplest concrete mixer. To use it, simply place the dry mix in the center of the sheet, add water, and then grab the handles and tumble the mix while leaving the weight on the ground. The sheet forms its own spout for easy, no-mess pouring. In two minutes or less, an 80-lb. bag of concrete can be mixed and poured. The CreteSheet can be cleaned with a garden hose and sells for under $20. Contact: CreteSheet, 314 Highland Mall Blvd., Suite 510, Austin, TX 78752. Tel: 512-454-5279.


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