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CLEAN SWEEP BAND SAW BRUSH from Carter Products, a manufacturer of band saw enhancement products, increases band saw accuracy and blade life, and improves safety, according to the company. The brush attaches to the lower frame of most standard band saws and removes dust and wood chips from the band saw tire. Carter says the brush reduces wear on both the blade and tire, and helps eliminate vibration and inaccuracy, which can be introduced when wood debris catches between the band saw tire and blade. Carter's sweep band saw brush retails for $5.99. Contact: Carter Products Co., 2871 Northridge Dr. N.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49544. Tel: 616-647-3380.

DMT DIAFOLD CERAMIC SHARPENER is double-sided and designed for applications requiring a razor edge. The polka-dot sharpener has interrupted diamond surfaces and features an extra-fine 1,200 mesh (9 micron) on one side and a 2,200 mesh (7 micron) surface on the other side. A few gentle strokes allow the user to maintain a consistent, polished edge by starting with the diamond surface and finishing with the ceramic. The DMT Diafold ceramic sharpener is priced at $39.45. Contact: Diamond Machining Technology, 85 Hayes Memorial Dr., Marlborough, MA 01752.

CORD-FREE GLUE GUN WITH HEATING BASE from Black & Decker can be used for six minutes without a cord or used with a cord for continuous heat. The glue gun, model G6500S, features a red indicator when the glue is hot and ready for use, and a gray indicator when the gun needs to be returned to the heating base for reheating. The heating base has storage for nozzles, glue sticks and a wrench. Three nozzles (universal, wide and long reach), five glue sticks, a wrench and a storage case are included. The Black & Decker glue gun is priced at $29.99. Contact: Black & Decker. Tel: 800-544-6986.

EASY GAUGE is a compact tool that accurately determines the diameter of a drill bit prior to its use. Designed and manufactured by Intromark Inc., the gauge is semi-circular and has a cut- out arch, which sizes drill bits in millimeters or inches. The user only needs to insert the end of the drill bit until both sides of the gauge meet with the bit. At the meeting point, the scale can be read. The Easy Gauge can also measure a fastener to determine the size of a drill bit required for a job by inserting the screw through the tool. The gauge is priced at 99 cents. Contact: Intromark Inc., 217 Ninth St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Tel: 800-851-6030.

RDM-3 WOOD MOISTURE METER from Delmhorst Instrument Co. is a hand-held meter that provides new features from previous models. The RDM-3 includes full onscreen reading recall with date and time stamp, job grouping, graphical display, easy-to- navigate menu options, customizable auto shut-off, optional infrared linkage to a PC or laptop, an optional application software program and carrying case. The moisture meter has a range of 5 to 60 percent and contains built-in information on wood species and built-in temperature correction. The moisture meter is powered by a 9-volt battery and sells for $450. Packages with options range from $525 to $675. Contact: Delmhorst Instrument Co., 51 Indian Lane E., Towaco, NJ07082. Tel: 877-335-6467.

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