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 ANGLECOPY from Virutex is a cutting guide that copies angles other than 90 degrees, which are then transferred to a miter saw. The cutting guide divides the angle in two, giving the exact position for the miter cut. A small knob can be tightened to fix the copied angle and to avoid mistakes when transferring the angle to the saw, according to the manufacturer. The process negates the need for measuring or making calculations. AngleCopy is compatible with all the miter saws for wood or metal on the market. The Virutex AngleCopy sells for $25. Contact: Virutex, P.O. Box 1860, Bridgehampton, NY 11932. Tel: 800-868-9663.

 ZIP BOLT — RAIL BOLT, from Cooper Stairworks, uses a heavy-duty threaded insert, bolt and a new type of gear-driven nut assembly that simplifies the whole process of joining parts together, according to the company. The mechanism is designed for the staircase construction industry, specifically connecting handrail to handrail, or handrail to post. Using a special gear-driver accessory, the installer no longer has to try and fit a wrench into a 1" hole. The gear driver can be used in any standard ratchet-style handle. The Zip Bolt — Rail Bolt is priced at $2.30. Contact: Cooper Stairworks. Tel: 508-235-4397. or



 POLY-BRUSH FOAM BRUSHES, from JEN Mfg. Inc., are designed to absorb, hold, and evenly spread water- and oil-based paints, stains, sealers, urethanes and varnish. They feature a highly absorbent foam with a beveled edge that is supported by an internal polyethylene stiffener. They leave no brush marks, can be disposed of after use, and are much sturdier than imported "look-alike" foam brushes, according to the manufacturer. The brushes come in 1"-, 2"-, 3"-, and 4"-wide sizes and are tapered for greater edge control. A 1" brush sells for about 35 cents. Contact: JEN Mfg. Inc., P.O. Box 20128, Worcester, MA 01602-0128. Tel: 800-225-7276.

 MAGNETIC TIP TAPE MEASURES, manufactured by Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., feature a patented magnetic tip to make it easier for one person to take and record measurements over longer spans. The magnetic tip can also be used to pick up metal screws, nuts and bolts from behind cabinets or other tight areas. A second end hook, which holds curved or flat surfaces, also measures pipe, conduit or flat surfaces. Additional features include a double-sided scale for easier reading and a soft gripping area for comfort, according to Milwaukee. The 25' magnetic tip tape measure — available with an inch scale or an inch/metric scale — retails for $22. A 30' version, with an inch scale only, sells for $27.80. Contact: Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. Tel: 800-729-3878.



 JDS CYCLONES has introduced two cyclones designed for small-shop dust collection that feature compact sizes, powerful performance and quiet operation, according to the company. The 3-hp cyclone, model 3000-CK, stands only 87" tall. A unique "Turbo-Fan" impeller design provides 1,700 cfm of free air and 1,100 cfm of pulling power at 12 inches of static pressure. The 2-hp cyclone, model 2000-CK, stands only 76" tall and provides 1,450 cfm of free air and 520 cfm of pulling power at 12 inches of static pressure. The JDS Cyclones have a 1 micron efficient canister to ensure that fine dust doesn't get back into the shop. The 2-hp model sells for $999 and the 3-hp cyclone is priced at $1,499. Contact: JDS Co., 108 Leventis Dr., Columbia, SC 29209. Tel: 800-480-7269.

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