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 CMT 10" INDUSTRIAL TCG BLADE is an industrial blade designed for cabinet shops. The blades have 60 teeth, a triple-chip grind, 5/8" bore diameter and 0.126" kerf thickness. The blade performs particularly well on melamine, MDF and chipboard. Every blade is formed from high-quality steel, with large European-style C4 micro grain carbide teeth laser-cut to precise tolerances. Every step in the process — cutting, brazing, tensioning and grinding — is computer-controlled and subjected to rigorous quality control, according to the manufacturer. The 10" blade sells for $69.20; a 12" blade is priced at $109. Contact: CMT USA, 307-F Pomona Dr., Greensboro, NC 27407. Tel: 888-268-2487.



GOLD SERIES GS-MINI is a single-cartridge dust collector for sub 500-cfm applications from Farr Air Pollution Control. It is designed as a dedicated dust collector for a one-process machine or as a bin vent on a silo. The GS-Mini incorporates the same cam-lock features and structural strength of the company's standard Gold Series. A HemiPleat filter cartridge provides 99.99 percent filtration efficiency on 0.5 micron and larger particles, according to Farr. Other standard features include a spark-proof fan; manual pulse system and pressure-drop gauge, with a variety of options for specialized applications. The Gold Series GS-Mini single-cartridge dust collector sells for less than $5,000 and includes the fan, controls and hoppers. Contact: Farr Air Pollution Control, 3505 S. Airport Road, Jonesboro, AR 72401. Tel: 800-479-6801.

SCOTCHMAN MULTI-LOC AND QUICK-LOC measuring systems are designed to give quick, easy and accurate length settings on rails. With the Quick-Loc system, the user simply moves the stop on the rail to the desired length. The Multi-Loc allows the user to put several stop blocks on one rail for multiple settings. One needs to only move the material from one stop to the next. The design eliminates any tightening of nuts, bolts or locking devices. The measuring systems are manufactured from stainless steel. The Multi-Loc system ranges in size from 4' to 12', and is priced from $369 to $599. The Quick-Loc system ranges from 4' to 24' and sells from $329 to $929. Contact: Scotchman Industries, 180 E. Highway 14, P.O. Box 850, Philip, SD 57567. Tel: 800-843-8844.



3M EARPLUG DISPENSER is designed to keep earplugs flowing freely in a shop environment. The dispenser can hold up to 700 pairs, and can be used with 3M foam or soft foam earplugs. The lightweight plastic dispenser can be mounted on a wall; an optional base is available to hold the dispenser for use on flat surfaces. The dispenser uses low-cost plastic refill bags instead of single-use jars, bottles and disposable dispensers. A catch tray helps keep earplugs off the floor. The 3M Earplug Dispenser, with 1,000 pairs of 3M earplugs, has a suggested list price of $126.67. Refill bags of 500 pair list for $44.17. Contact: 3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division. Tel: 800-328-1667.

RIGHT-ANGLE ASSEMBLY CLAMPS from Lee Valley are designed for dry assembly of panel goods such as cabinet or shelving carcasses, or for drawers and boxes. The two-part clamp closes one-handed with a ratchet mechanism to hold panels at right angles to each other. One pair of clamps will hold panels with two- and three-way configurations; two pairs of clamps are required for boxes or drawers. The clamps can accommodate material from 3/8" to 3/4" thick, as well as two panels with a thickness difference of as much as 1/4". The right-angle assembly clamps are 4" x 3" x 1-5/8", and sold in pairs for $8.95; four pairs or more cost $7.95. Contact: Lee Valley Tools Ltd., P.O. Box 1780, Ogdensburg, NY 13669-6780. Tel: 800-871-8158.


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