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VERITAS BEVEL SETTER lets you set specific angles — from 0 to 60 degrees in 1/2-degree increments — on a sliding bevel or a workpiece, as well as read angles already set. Both functions are useful for dovetailing, machine-setup, polygon work, or accurately fitting a piece in a restricted location. Common dovetail and polygon angles are highlighted on the reverse side. The etched stainless-steel blade is 3" wide x 7" long. The bevel setter is available with an imperial rule or metric rule and priced at $24.50. Contact: Lee Valley Tools Ltd., P.O. Box 1780, Ogdensburg, NY 13669-6780. Tel: 800-871-8158.



TITEBOND MELAMINE GLUE from Franklin International is designed for bonding wood, particleboard, MDF and other porous substrates to synthetic materials such as melamine, vinyl and HPL as well as metals. It offers a fast initial tack, but has a longer open time that allows for the accurate alignment of working materials, according to the manufacturer. Titebond Melamine Glue is a water-based adhesive that is nonflammable, has low odor, dries clear and cleans up with water. Its thicker formulation offers fewer runs and drips, making it easier to use and more effective for precise assemblies, according to the company. Titebond Melamine Glue is available in three sizes: 16 oz. bottle ($4.50 to $5.25), gallon bottle ($23 to $27) and a 5-gallon pail ($75). Contact: Titebond Glues and Adhesives, Franklin International, 2020 Bruck St., Columbus, OH 43207. Tel: 800-669-4583.

ROUTER-EASE GUIDE from REG Inc., is an adjustable four-sided router control tool that includes two adjustable fence guides, built-in clamps and a three-stepped guide block. The Router-Ease Guide is capable of many types of cuts, including a blind dado cut, full dado and rabbet joint, end mortise cut, mortising cuts, hinge butt cuts, and cutting out areas to install items such as a kitchen sink or hinges. The guide can be used for applications involving wood, solid surface, laminates, acrylics, Plexiglas and other materials. The Router-Ease Guide is made of lightweight but sturdy aluminum, is portable and eliminates the need for countless jigs and templates, according to the company. The guide is available in three sizes. The standard 24" model sells for $175.99, the large 36" guide is priced at $195.99 and the 48" extra-large model goes for $215.99. Contact: REG Inc., 34 Woodland Road, Rochester, MA 02770-2223. Tel: 508-763-4136.



K3 KREG JIG KIT features a three-drill guide block that can be used in two separate tool bodies. The user can slide the block into the bench-top base and drill pocket holes on a workbench or remove the drill guide block and place it into the smaller, portable base for use on the job site. The face of the drill guide block features a metal insert that helps produce clean-cut pocket holes. In addition, the bench-top base features front-side clamping that places the clamp handle on the same side as the drill. The K3 Kreg Jig kit features the guide block, portable base, face clamp, depth collar, drill bit, driver bit, Allen wrench, screws and a carrying case. The kit is priced at $79.99. Contact: Kreg Tool Company, 201 Campus Drive, Huxley, IA 50124. Tel: 800-447-8638.

BINKS SCRUBS SINGLES are now offered as a packet of 100 heavy-duty hand cleaner towels that are individually wrapped. Each 8" x 12-1/4" towel is sealed in a tear-open package. Scrubs Singles is offered as an option to Scrubs in-a-Bucket, which provides a case of six buckets containing a total of 432 towels. Scrubs hand cleaner towels are premoistened, with a patented citrus-based formula to provide an absorbent, nonscratching towel for quick removal of paints, urethanes, solvents, catalysts, resins, gel coats, adhesives, sealants, inks and lubricants/oils. A package of 100 towel scrubs retails for $45. Contact: Binks. Tel: 800-992-4657.


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