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New products

New Products

METABO 8-1/2" SLIDING COMPOUND MITER SAW is the company's latest portable electric tool and weighs only 32 lbs. The saw offers miter angle cuts from zero to 47 degrees, with stops at 15 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 30 degrees and 45 degrees. The miter saw will cut a bevel from zero to 45 degrees. A 9-amp motor drives the 8-1/2" blade, with a standard 5/8" arbor, at a no-load speed of 4,800 rpm. The cutting capacity is 2-5/8" deep across a 10" width at 90 degrees, and 1-1/2" deep across a 6-7/8" width with a 45-degree bevel. The sliding saw has a through-the-base dust collection system. The Metabo 8-1/2" sliding compound miter saw, model KGS 255, is priced at $449. Contact: Metabo Corp., 1231 Wilson Drive, West Chester, PA 19380. Tel: 800-638-2264.

VERITAS AUXILIARY FILE/RASP HANDLE can be used at the tip of the tool to grip at any point to increase control and reduce the fatigue that comes from the grip that is normally used. It will handle files and rasps — flat, round or triangular — up to 1/2" thick and

1-3/16" wide. The Veritas file/rasp handle is priced at $14.50. Contact: Lee Valley Tools Ltd., P.O. Box 1780, Ogdensburg, NY 13669-6780. Tel: 800-871-8158.

ZERO-PROTRUSION HINGE from Blum Inc. prevents open doors from jutting into interior space, such as tall pantry units with interior drawers. The hinge has a maximum opening angle of 155 degrees, and offers zero protrusion at a 90-degree opening. Doors maintain a clean design profile when closed. The new hinge has all the features of Blum's Clip top hinges, which includes hassle-free adjustments in all three directions with no need to loosen and retighten screws. The hinge can be mounted and removed without tools and has an integrated cam for continuous depth adjustment. The Blum zero-protrusion hinges are priced between $4 and $5 each. Contact: Blum Inc., 7733 Old Plank Road, Stanley, NC 28164. Tel: 800-438-6788.

BEE-LINE SUPERGUIDE works with most circular saws, reciprocating saws, and even some chain saws. The saw slips into the guide assembly and can be used to rip long boards, make cross-cuts or do the job of a panel saw on plywood or other sheet stock. A rail and holding system with a rocker arm allows the user to lower the saw and guide onto the board and secure it for the cut. Once the cut is made, the workpiece is released by raising the top section with the rocker arm. The Bee-Line SuperGuide is priced at $200. Contact: Bee-Line SuperGuide, 22161 Stipps Hill Road, Laurel, IN 47024. Tel: 765-698-1212.

ANVER FORK LIFT SLEEVE OPTION converts a fork truck into a vacuum-powered lifter for items such as plywood, panels and slabs of wood. The mounting sleeves accept standard 26" forks and mount onto the beam of an Anver VPF-57 Series DC-powered vacuum lifter. The vacuum lifter has a 2,200-lb. capacity and can be equipped with an assortment of interchangeable pad attachments. The Anver vacuum lifter is priced at $2,995 and the fork sleeves are $230 a pair. Contact: Anver Corp., 36 Parmenter Road, Hudson, MA 01749. Tel: 800-654-3500.

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