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DYNABRADE'S DYNAFILE II is an air-powered abrasive belt machine that can be converted to a drill or die grinder. The machine features a grinding head that pivots 360 degrees, allowing the tool access to hard-to-reach areas. The Dynafile II also features a 20,000-rpm direct-drive air motor that powers abrasive belts 1/4" to 3/4" wide x 18" long. The air motor converts to an air drill by adding a chuck or a die grinder with a 1/4" collet. The Dynafile II is priced at $450. A

versatility kit, which includes the tool, an assortment of contact arms, abrasive belts, a 1/4" collet, and a carrying case, sells for $550. Contact: Dynabrade Inc., 8989 Sheridan Drive, Clarence, NY 14031-1490. Tel: 716-631-0100.


BLUECORE BATTERIES from Bosch Power Tools are a series of NiCad batteries — 9.6, 12, 14.4, 18 and 24 volts — that feature cooling rods positioned between the battery pack's individual cells. The rods absorb the heat to dissipate it away from the cells, thereby keeping the battery cool and functioning

 at optimal levels, according to the company. Users can expect up to 50-percent or more battery life over previous Bosch batteries, the company says. Two 30-minute chargers — single bay and dual-bay units — cut charge times in half. The chargers will also charge older-generation batteries. The batteries are priced from $54 to $134, while the single-bay charger costs $79 and the

dual bay charger sells for $119. Contact: Bosch Power Tools and Accessories. Tel: 877-267-2499.

JOY-BLOCK, available from Woodworker's Supply, is a push block that provides a "positive grip" when feeding stock by combining a retractable heel

with a fixed heel. Slid over the edge of a workpiece, the heel extends to catch the edge, enabling the user to feed stock through most woodworking machines. On top of a workpiece, with downward pressure applied, the Joy-Block heel retracts, allowing full


positive contact. The Joy-Block push block sells for $13.99. Contact: Woodworker's Supply. Tel: 800-321-9841.

FIBRO BISCUITS from Lamello have been designed to provide superior performance compared with traditional biscuits, according to the company. They're made from a wood/fiber material which is not sensitive to humidity. The


 Fibro's surface pattern allows for uniform glue spread for hold and pullout resistance; the rounded edge contour allows for easy insertion while maintaining extremely tight tolerances, the company says. The Fibro Biscuits are available in 1,000-count boxes for

$31.95 and seven 80-count bubble packs for $47.60. Contact: Colonial Saw Inc., 122 Pembroke Street, P.O. Box A, Kingston, MA 02364, Tel: 800-252-6355.

SMARTDRIVER from Black & Decker is a cordless screwdriver that fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to grip. Designed for use in tight spaces that other

power tools can't reach, the SmartDriver delivers 25 percent more torque than Black & Decker's 3.6-volt screwdrivers, according to the company. It's powered by a lithium ion battery and on a full charge, the screwdriver will stay ready for use for 18 months, the company says. The SmartDriver is priced at $39.99


and comes with a charging station that can be mounted on the wall. There are 40 screw-driving accessories available. Contact: Black & Decker. Tel: 800-544-6986.

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