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New mortise & tenon templates for PantoRouter


Woodcraft Solutions introduces a set of segmented mortise and tenon templates for its PantoRouter joinery machine.

The PantoRouter is a manual horizontal routing system that was designed to semi-automate joint making for smaller shops. It’s both a prototyping and short-run production workhorse that can create tenons, dovetails, drilling patterns or free-hand contours, among other options. The machine operates in all three axes. The operator can control that movement with handles, stops, and templates.

The segmented template set includes both round and square end pieces plus segments to create 154 sizes of round-end mortise and tenons and 77 sizes of square-end tenons.

Additionally, each mortise slot on the round-end pieces has three steps on each end. The bottom step makes a mortise and tenon with the least amount of side play, while the upper steps make looser fits.

“The set is optimized for 3/8” mortise and tenon since that is a size typical to furniture making, but many other sizes are possible. We have designed the PantoRouter and accessories in a way that makes joinery fast, accurate, safe and fun,” Mac Sheldon, owner of Woodcraft Solutions, said in a statement.

The Segmented Mortise and Tenon Template set sells for $39, plus shipping.

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This article was originally published in the March 2022 issue.

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New mortise & tenon templates for PantoRouter

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