New Matchfit Dovetail Clamp AP from Microjig

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Microjig presents the Matchfit Dovetail Clamp AP that allows woodworkers to clamp in two directions at once, doing the work of two clamps in one with the new X-Pad accessory, which comes standard, according to the company.

“Makers simply rout a standard 1/2”, 14-degree dovetail groove and slide the clamp to the intended position. The green X-Pad slides over the clamp pad. Craftspeople can position the notch to the edge of the piece and clamp down, and the X-Pad pivots around the edge of the piece to apply both hold-down and inline pressure at the same time. Because the pressure comes from the top down, the product virtually eliminates the board lifting up, which is common with traditional inline clamps,” the company explained in a statement.

“This opens up a variety of uses for woodworkers, including gluing long parts without long clamps, creating a tall fence or straight-line jig for the table saw, or securing material for use on the drill press or miter table.”

The Matchfit Dovetail Clamp AP retails for $30.

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