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NAP Gladu set to unveil AirPro collet nut

NAP Gladu will feature its new AirPro dust-evacuating collet nut at IWF, which replaces the collet nut on standard tool holders and offers a powerful updraft to evacuate chips and dust directly into the exhaust hood on CNC routers.

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Sales manager Dave Otten says the AirPro rides directly above the cutting tool and produces a powerful air stream that doesn’t give dust or chips a chance to settle.

“The main thing with the AirPro, the reason it was developed, was to help with dust extraction. And the big problem with dust, especially on CNC routers, you’ve got airborne dust contamination that’s not healthy for the workers, but then also at the end of the day you have to clean all of that dust up. So the more dust that goes up the shoot, the less downtime you have cleaning up and the more production you’re going to have,” Otten says.

He says the AirPro can extend tool life up to 30 percent and reduce labor costs by removing chips that normally get recut and by picking up the dust on the table that normally falls on the floor.

“The biggest benefit is the elimination of airborne particles, especially in California where the EPA restrictions are super tight and [shop owners] are constantly looking for ways to clean their operations up so they don’t have to worry about being fined for excessive airborne contaminants,” Otten says.

AirPro attaches to ER32, ER40 or SYOZ25 collet chucks in place of the collet nut and works with standard router bits. It sells for $1,100.

For information, visit Booth No. 5113 at IWF.

Contact: NAP Gladu. Tel: 800-634-8665.

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