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Mozaik Software rolls out ‘paperless shop’ app

Mozaik Software introduced three Paperless Shop Tablet Apps for digital organization of cutting, labeling and assembly on the shop floor. Ultimately, each is designed to improve a shop’s communication, productivity and accuracy, according to the company.

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Company president Roger Taylor says these apps were conceived long ago, but he had to wait for technology to catch up. And then came the tablet …

“Currently, you print everything out and you send a bundle of paperwork to the shop and you hope that it’s organized and things get processed correctly. The paperless shop is intended to communicate all of the details about the job to each phase of the manufacturing process without the paper, but with tremendous detail,” Taylor says.

“Even in this day and age when you print out everything and send to the shop you’re still going to have a lot of questions that come back to the office from the shop floor. The nice thing about this is all of the details are in there: the shop drawings, the cutting list, detailed pictures of the parts, along with the interactivity to zoom in and pinch pictures to size. It makes it very intuitive for the guys in the shop to know what’s going on.”

The Mozaik Label App runs inside the Mozaik Optimizer or as a standalone app for Windows tablets for labeling nested sheets. Simply select the sheet, touch the part and print the label complete with graphic. The color-coded app makes it easy to identify which labels have been printed and which sheets have been completed, according to the company.

The Mozaik Cutlist App contains all the cutlist items for each job along with all shop drawings and product specifications. The parts are checked off as processed and progress is tracked automatically.

The Mozaik Assembly App contains a complete list of all items necessary to assemble each product in the job, from cutlists to hardware to accessories.

“The best thing about these apps is that they’re not like design software which needs to be learned. These are specific apps for what the employees are doing. If they’re cutting parts and using the cutlist app, they simply touch the part when they cut it and it checks it off. There’s really nothing to learn and the employees tested pick up on it in a matter of minutes,” Taylor adds.

As a special introductory offer, Mozaik is bundling all three apps to current customers for $25/month.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2015 issue.

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