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Moray Ready2Laser available from Next Wave

Next Wave’s Moray Ready2Laser features a removable bottom.

Next Wave’s Moray Ready2Laser features a removable bottom.

Adding to its line of desktop CNC machines and accessories, Next Wave Automation recently introduced its Moray Ready2Laser system that features a 7-watt solid state laser diode for engraving and light cutting applications.

“It’s low cost, completely encased, lightweight and portable,” explains Tim Owens, president and CEO of Next Wave Automation.

“This is primarily for engravings. You don’t need an 80-watt system laser for everything. One of the nice things about this is you can move it around. The bottom is removable so you can lay it right on a workpiece like a table or something large that you can’t fit inside it,” he says.

The Ready2Laser uses standard G-code files and includes the company’s in-house design software, Ready2Design, that allows users to create files from almost any image. Users can also import images from other software and perform light cutting on materials such as veneer, balsa, basswood, leather and fabrics.

“Another option is for people who want to do small engravings or logos on their workpiece where they’d normally use a branding iron and want to be a little more creative with the logo without the expense of a larger laser,” adds Owens.

It has a 2-1/2” exhaust port for use with standard, shop-style vacuums, which should be outfitted with HEPA filters to remove smoke and fumes, according to the company. For heavy-use applications, an optional inline exhaust system with charcoal filtering system is available.

The Moray Ready2Laser system sells for $1,599.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2019 issue.

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