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Moovit Double-Wall Drawer System

MOOVIT DOUBLE-WALL DRAWER SYSTEM, from Häfele America Co., offers a sleek, contemporary design and a 110-lb. weight capacity.

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The drawer system is designed for residential, commercial and medical cabinets, as well as hotel and condominium projects. Moovit's interior drawer walls are not curved; they have a 90-degree angle, which optimizes drawer space and allows for the use of almost any cutlery tray or drawer insert. Moovit is available in a champagne finish and accompanies Häfele's Arena Champagne program. An integrated soft and silent mechanism guarantees a smooth and consistent close, according to the company. Contact: Häfele America Co. Tel: 800-423-3531.

This article originally appeared in the January 2010 issue.

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