Minwax offers new water-based stains

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Interior wood stain manufacturer Minwax recently introduced Wood Finish Water-Based Color Stains, a new line of semi-transparent and solid stains in more than 200 colors.

“Minwax Wood Finish Water-Based Color Stains are ideal for those who want to bring out the natural beauty and protect wooden furniture while adding a pop of color to their home décor,” says Sue Kim, Minwax senior color designer.

“Our new quick-drying formula makes it easy for do-it-yourselfers to finish projects in a single day; the hard part will be choosing from the more than 200 color options.”

Stains in the new line are thicker than previous formulas to provide one-coat coverage that dries in an hour. The solid stains deliver a rich, saturated color while staying true to the wood’s texture, while the semi-transparent stains are an option for those who prefer the look of grain but prefer a touch of color, according to Minwax.

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