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Microvellum adds updates to modeling software

Microvellum updated its Solid Model Analyzer tool, which converts digital designs from modeling software such as AutoCad, Inventor or SolidWorks into CNC machine-ready code.

“Our customers often receive solid model designs from architects or designers,” Microvellum product manager Clay Swayze says. “Using Solid Model Analyzer, users can use the original model submitted by the architect and convert it to a Microvellum product that can be saved to the product library or released to production — complete with CNC machine code, nested panel optimization, reports and more.”

Recent updates include improved part machining recognition and faster optimization, according to the company.

“In the coming weeks, we will even have the ability to analyze and nest curved, tapered, odd-shaped skins on die walls, something no other software in our industry is capable of, according to our research,” Swayze says.

The tool’s biggest benefit, Swayze says, is how much time it saves by automatically applying toolpaths for vertical and horizontal drilling, routing, cutouts of all shapes, pocketing and other machine operations.

Other features include automatic generation of cutlists and individual part DXF files, the ability to add models to existing projects, pocketing for odd-shape machining and more.

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