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Microjig releases Matchfit Dado Stop Pro

Photo of Matchfit Dado Stop Pro

Microjig Inc. announces the launch of the latest addition to its Matchfit family of products, the Dado Stop Pro.

Simple, fast and easy to use, the Dado Stop Pro takes the guesswork out of creating precise dado cuts while preventing serious table saw injury and kickback, according to the company.

“The Dado Stop Pro kit is the smart and convenient way for craftsmen to get everything they need to make precision cross-dados, inlays and half-laps all in one package,” Microjig’s Ralph Bagnall said in a said in a company statement.

“Customers have been requesting an all-in-one solution and we have delivered. Inclusion of a soft grip Dovetail Clamp just sweetens the deal.” The Matchfit Dado Stop Pro includes one Dado Stop, one soft grip Dovetail Clamp and one Setup Gauge and retails for $59.95. For more visit

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