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Martin’s slider tackles the big jobs

Martin has unveiled its T75 PreX sliding table saw, a larger version of its previously released dual-tilting T60 saw. While the T60 is limited to a 12-1/2" saw blade, the T75 can fit up to a 20" blade, producing a maximum cutting height of 8" at 90 degrees.

The Martin T75 PreX, a dual-tilt sliding table saw.

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"I call it the table saw to end all table saws," says Carl Stout, president of Martin USA. "This thing is beyond high-end. Not only can it cut up to 8", but you're also able to cut everything else in between - your panel products, your 4x8 sheets of plywood, melamine or particleboard."

You may be asking, under what circumstances would a shop have the need for a blade that cuts up to 8" above the table?

"It would be mostly solid wood, very special applications," Stout says. "Certainly, when you go ahead and cut to a 45-degree angle, the height of the blade is much less. So anyone who needs to go in and cut a solid wood section, say 12/4 material, left and right, this saw can easily do that."

The T75 offers a tilting range of up to 46 degrees to the right and up to 46 degrees to the left. The T60 model, introduced about four years ago, was the first saw manufactured to feature the extensive tilting range, according to Martin.

"Thanks to the total angle range of 92 degrees, you can use the crosscut fence and the rip fence to execute every miter cut in line with the requirements of the respective process and workpiece," explains Stout. "Again, the advantage is to the operator, to the user and the way that they can value it. If it is a workpiece that is already prefinished, like refinished plywood, maybe they don't want to turn it over, damage it by handling it more than once or twice, so by being able to tilt the blade the other way, then you don't have to tilt your workpiece."

Martin's T75 sliding table saw is offered with a 10-, 13- or 15-hp motor. A variable speed control (2,000 to 4,000 rpm) for the main saw blade is offered as a standard.

"Normally you are looking at a 10-hp motor as the max that you would need for doing most things such as solid woods or panel products," says Stout. "Most people could get by with a 7.5-hp motor, so a 10-hp motor would be able to basically take care of everything. A 15-hp motor is for people cutting really big hardwood, like big beams, timbers and things like that."

The T75 comes with a main blade guard for any blade height up to 8". Different exchangeable blade guards are also available that the user can put on either side of the main guard, depending upon what angle of cut is being made.

The base price for the Martin T75 PreX sliding table saw is $35,000.

Contact: Martin Woodworking Machines Corp., 8107-M Arrowridge Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28273. Tel: 704-525-3963.

This article originally appeared in the May 2010 issue.

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