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Martin Woodworking expands its product line

Martin Woodworking Machines has introduced five entry-level machines to round out its product line of sliding table saws, shapers, planers and jointers.

TP300 planer/jointer.

Carl Stout, president of Martin Woodworking Machines U.S.A., says that by extending its product portfolio, the parent company in Germany seeks to increase its exports to emerging overseas markets such as in Brazil and India. All machines are manufactured in Europe.

“We wanted to provide something more entry-level for these emerging economies. Our high-quality machinery was too expensive for these countries until now. This is why we have decided to round out our product portfolio with a more economical line to cover these price-sensitive markets,” says Stout.

He adds that all adjustments on these machines are manual and there are no touch screens or controllers.

Sliding table saws

The new sliding table saws include the models TC630, TC640 and TC650, which all feature a riving knife, 5-1/2-hp motor and two-axis scoring saw. The TC630 has a mounted blade guard; the TC640 is upgraded with a plastic overarm blade guard, while the TC650 is outfitted with the Martin T60 aluminum-constructed overarm blade guard.

“These sliding table saws are aimed at customers that mainly work with panel material and have to achieve precise cutting results,” says Stout.

The saws also feature a 3,200mm sliding table and a cutting width of 1,250mm. The cutting angle and height are adjusted with a handwheel. The rip fence is adjusted manually to a scale. Fine adjustment comes as a standard feature.

Each saw can be customized and the base price is $16,940.

Line boring machines

The new line boring/construction boring machines, models TD021 and TD023, feature 21 and 23 spindles, respectively.

“The line boring machine is commonly used in making cabinets and for furniture construction. Anyone who builds European-style frameless, 32mm cabinets needs this or a CNC center,” says Stout.

They feature a patented “quick depth” device for vertical and horizontal drilling adjustments. Changing between horizontal and vertical drilling is supported pneumatically. They can drill holes up to 65mm deep and start at a price of $7,650.

Tilting arbor shapers

The new TS200 tilting arbor shaper features a 5-1/2-hp motor and has a 2x45 degree tilting range to give the operator a range of possibilities on how to machine solid wood or bonded panels, according to Stout.

“Martin pioneered the development of the dual tilting-angle shaper. This machine offers that technology at a newer, more affordable price.”

When the arbor is tilted back, the operator can securely machine large workpieces from below, which is an essential step toward more flexibility and safety, says Stout. The cutting height and tilting angle are adjusted with a handwheel, and are read with a digital display or scale. The cutting depth is adjusted at the fence.

The rotational speeds of the spindle range between 1,500 and 9,000 rpm and are adjusted by a belt change. An optional inverter drive is available. The TS200 can also be ordered with a table extension or a machine-mounted sliding table, and the Martin T27 hood-and-fence system. The base price is $14,980.


The TP300 combination planer/jointer offers a 7-1/2-hp motor, 530mm working width and an 8mm depth of cut.

“Thanks to the heavy-duty cast-iron table and the powerful feed motor, this compact machine provides top-notch working results on a small footprint,” says Stout. “The machine’s ease of use and ergonomic operability allows the operator to reduce expensive setup times. Changing from a jointing operation and vice versa is done within seconds.”

The planer/jointer can be accessorized with a pneumatic table lifting and lowering device. The base price is $22,870.

Slot mortiser/dowel borer

The TM100 slot mortiser and dowel boring machine rounds out the offerings, which feature a 2-hp motor and a cast-iron adjustable table.

“This machine is essential for every workshop where slot mortises and dowels have to be drilled in solid wood components. In contrast to other boring machines, the table and the workpiece are in a fixed position whereas the drilling unit is moved. This allows even large workpieces to be securely positioned and machined and is suitable for staircase, window and facade construction,” says Stout.

The TM100 has a base price of $6,480.

Contact: Martin Woodworking Machines Corp., 8715 Sidney Circle, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28269. Tel: 704-921-0360.

This article originally appeared in the August 2011 issue.

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