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Martech has The Solution

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The Solution from Martech Services Co. is a complete compressed air system designed to clean, dry, and heat the atomizing air for today’s spray paint requirements that’s easy to use, simple to install, and affordable to maintain, according to the company.

When placed near the point of use, The Solution will work with the existing compressed air source, according to Tom Right, Martech’s director of sales and marketing.

“The four-stage filtration is outfitted with an automatic moisture discharger,” Right explains. “Then the clean air is further filtered to remove moisture content for super dry air. A controller, with digital outputs, allows user to set the temperature of the atomizing up to 165 degrees F. The Solution is shipped complete with a 3/8” ID x 35’ spray air hose.

“With the advent of waterborne paints becoming mandated by government agencies, the need for this type and quality of atomizing air is crucial.”

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