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'Less is more' with the new Porter-Cable compressor

Porter-Cable has introduced a one-gallon, 135 Max PSI trim compressor, model C1010, for trim and punch-out work.

Product manager James Vintzel says contractor feedback indicated a need for a durable, compact and lightweight compressor for job-site use.

“The C1010 is the first Porter-Cable compressor to address the needs of the one-man woodworker/remodeler, focusing on light weight, low noise, and low-amp draw,” he says.

The compressor has a 2.6-amp motor, a high-flow regulator for maximum air pressure, and an oil-free pump, according to Vintzel. The company states its noise rating at 71 decibels.

The C1010 weighs 24 lbs. and measures just 9” wide. It also features a one-hand, universal hose quick-connect, ball drain valve and cord-wrap storage.

Vintzel compares the C1010 to Porter-Cable’s previously released pancake compressor, which he says delivers an amazing amount of performance in a relatively compact package.

“As we examined the needs of this user, we found they did not necessarily need to fire a huge volume of nails at once, but that less is more. With the small tank and 9” width of the unit, it is lighter and easier to carry, and still fires all the nails that the custom woodworker, remodeler or punch-out user would need. With the ultra-low noise level, the user could work in an existing home and not disrupt its inhabitants. Extension cord usage is also not a problem.”

Vintzel says the compressor will keep up with the fire rate of the cabinet installer for finish tools, and that it will fire about 10 framing nails before the user needs to wait for a recharge. He says even when a recharge is needed, it only takes 23 seconds between cut-in and cutout.

The C1010 retails for $139 and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Contact: Porter-Cable. Tel: 866-375-6287.

This article originally appeared in the September 2011 issue.

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