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Legacy makes an impression with the new Renegade CNC

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The Renegade features three work stations for panel processing, turning and joinery.

The Renegade features three work stations for panel processing, turning and joinery.

Designed for the artisan cabinetmaker, furniture builder or sign maker, Legacy Machinery’s new Renegade CNC offers unsurpassed versatility, according to the company. The machine premiered at the 2019 AWFS Fair and garnered lots of attention.

The Renegade features three independent workstations: a 4’x8’ horizontal table, vertical clamping table, and turning center.

“This configuration allows the operator to quickly and easily go from turning between centers to machining complex joinery to sheet or part processing,” says product manager Tracy Anderson.

The 3-axis horizontal table can be set up as a T-track table for hold downs, a bench dog table with no profile cam locking clamps, or a vacuum table.

The 5-axis turning center, a Legacy exclusive, lets a shop turn, index, carve and machine between centers, even on tapered components.

The 4-axis vertical clamping table helps machine the ends or edges of parts. “Through dovetail joinery, finger joints, traditional mortise and tenons, and mitered door components are classic examples of how the vertical table can be used,” says Anderson.

The Renegade also features an automated tool measurement system that measures each tool after the operator loads a new tool. Legacy’s Smart Tool system can also be used to measure the thickness of stock, set the Z zero height and set the angle of the turning bed.

The company manufactures the Renegade in Springville, Utah, where free hands-on training is available.

The Renegade sells for about $79,000.

For more, visit www.lwmcnc.com

This article originally appeared in the September 2019 issue.

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