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Legacy adds new controller to Mavericks


Legacy Woodworking Machinery has updated two of its Maverick Series three-workstation CNC machining centers, the 3x5 Pro and 4x8 model, with a new Pro Delta Controller.

“With the new controller, the operator can now run the CNC at speeds up to six times faster than the original system with beautiful results in the finished cut,” says Legacy’s Tracy Anderson. “The controller combines an integrated controller for each of the three workstations – the horizontal workstation, vertical workstation, and turning workstation - into one easy-to-use interface with dedicated controls for each process.”

The Maverick 4x8 model is an ideal size for most wood processing facilities, according to Anderson. Assembled with a rigid steel frame and improved drive system, it includes a 4’ x 8’ 3-axis horizontal table for work on sheet goods, a 7” x 20” 3-axis vertical table to work on the ends of components, and a 79” x 10” dia. 4-axis turning center to index turn and carve spindles. This design offers a large work area with a relatively compact footprint at 171” x 71”x 72.5”.

The Maverick 3x5 Pro has a 49” x 24” horizontal table (expandable to 56” x 36”), 7” x 20” vertical table, and 50” x 10” dia. turning center.

Pricing starts at $21,995 for the Maverick 3x5 Pro.

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This article was originally published in the June 2021 issue.

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