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Lamello adds to its line of connectors

Interlocking biscuit joints will eliminate unsightly visible hardware used in fixtures, cabinets and other displays

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Lamello USA has expanded its line of “knockdown” biscuits with the Clamex S-18 connector, a D-sized fiberglass-reinforced plastic biscuit that features a metal clamp lever for detachable connections.
Karl Frey, Lamello’s product manager, says the connectors are ideal for aesthetic solutions in ready-to-assemble furniture, fixtures, cabinets, displays, room dividers and more.

“The way these connectors work is by using a biscuit joiner — either with a dedicated 8mm Clamex cutter or by making two separate 4mm grooves. You make a slot onto each side of the wood that you want to join and then install the Clamex hardware. Clamex has alignment tabs that allow for easy matching of the parts that are to be joined, and Clamex pulls the two pieces together and clamps it into place,” says Frey.

The alternative hardware for this type of work would be cam and dowel-type connectors. Frey says the Clamex S-18 connectors allow for a less visible connection, as only a 6mm hole can be seen on the back side of the work. Clamex can be installed in panels and shipped flat because there are no protruding parts on the sides. Also available are the Clamex S-11 connectors with a plastic lever, for smaller and lighter pieces.

The Clamex S-18 biscuits are a standard biscuit size, so any brand of biscuit joiner can be used to cut the grooves by making two plunge cuts. However, with the Lamello Classic C3 biscuit joiner, users can purchase a dedicated cutter that makes the process faster and easier.

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The Lamello Classic C3 biscuit joiner sells for $499 and the Clamex cutter costs $150. The Clamex S-18 connectors are available in 18-pair packs, which sell for $55.

Lamello USA is a division of Colonial Saw Co. Inc.

Contact: Colonial Saw Co. Inc., 845 Milliken Ave., Suite F, Ontario, CA 91761. Tel: 909-390-5465.

This article originally appeared in the June 2009 issue.

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