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Lamello adds power to its biscuit joiner

Lamello has upgraded its portable biscuit joiner, now known as the Top 20S4, with an 800-watt motor.

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“The enhancement provides for more power, which works well in harder woods and provides a smoother cut,” says Karl Frey, Lamello’s product manager for Colonial Saw, the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Swiss-made biscuit joiners. “This machine also features a step-memory system, so the worker can move the cutter up and down to different locations in the wood where he wants it to cut.

“This is beneficial when working with different thicknesses of wood panels to be joined; the cutter can be moved easily with the turn of a knob to adjust where the cutter will plunge into the wood, so that the outside surfaces will align accurately when joined. Without this feature, a shim would be necessary, or manual measuring and fence adjustment.”

The Top 20S4 is used for common wooden biscuit joining as well as specialized applications with Lamello joining elements such as the Fixo self-clamping biscuits, Duplex hinges, Simplex KD connectors and Clamex interlocking RTA connectors.

A depth adjuster offers six positive stops for Lamello biscuits (sizes 20, 10 and 0), Simplex and Duplex connectors, and the maximum cutting depth (20mm). A fence fits on the front of the joiner to use it in the vertical position, while anti-slip pads have been installed on either side of the blade opening to prevent lateral displacement.

The joiner also features a central locking system for quick cutter changes, soft start motor, blower fan to clear sawdust away from the work area, and an attached dust bag.

The joiner, which weighs about 7-1/2 lbs., sells for $925.

Contact: Colonial Saw Co. Inc., 845 Milliken Ave., Suite F, Ontario, CA 91761. Tel: 909-390-5465.

This article originally appeared in the July 2009 issue.

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