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Laguna fills a gap with the Revo 15/24


Laguna Tools has rounded out its lathe line with the new Revo 15/24. Boasting a relatively short 24” distance between centers and a motor that handles higher torque at a low rpm, the 15/24 is designed to handle demanding projects at a budget-friendly price, according to the company.

“The Revo 15/24 fills the gap between the Revo 12/16 and the Revo 18/36, providing space constrained users with more power and capacity,” says product manager Benjamin Helshoj. “We wanted to fulfill the need to have an economy lathe with an adjustable stand.”

The Revo 15/24 is powered by a 1.5-hp, 110-volt motor. It features a three-step pully and electronic variable speed, ranging from 50 to 4,200 rpm, with a digital readout.

The lathe also features Laguna’s Pulse Width Modulation, which basically makes sure there’s sufficient torque to turn tougher materials at low speeds.

“That’s what a user is looking for,” Helshoj explains. “A big drawback to smaller lathes is they become weak with low torque and low rpm and we’re trying to fix that problem. The three-step pully gives you different speed ranges at very low torque for some serious bowl turning.”

Other features include adjustable legs, a steel bed, and Laguna’s patent-pending Precise Point, which allows end-users to dial in the tailstock quill to meet with the headstock center. Accessories include a 20” extension bed, LED work light, and casters.

The Revo 15/24 sells for $1,999.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2020 issue.

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