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Kreg Tool debuts several new products at IWF 2016

Kreg Tool unveiled several shop solutions at IWF, including hardware installation jigs, a pocket-hole plug cutter and mobile project center. Product manager Dave Stone says the new products are designed to be intuitive for beginners to use, but are robust enough for professionals.

The cabinet hardware jig.

The three new jigs, all priced under $30, are durable and adjustable, allowing woodworkers to position hardware and guide a drill for accurate and repeatable results.

“The alternative to using these is you measure and mark by hand, buy an expensive jig, or make your own jig. But a single self-made jig often gets used only once. These are adjustable, accurate and easy to use for consistent applications each time and are inexpensive,” Stone says.

Kreg presented a cabinet hardware jig is for installing knobs and pulls. It features hardened-steel drill guides, adjustable edge guide, built-in measuring scales and sells for $24.99.

The pocket-hole plug cutter.

Its new concealed hinge jig sells for $29.99 and is a real help for getting doors to fit correctly, according to Stone.

“When installing a hinge you need a certain offset to get the distance right and transfer the measurement to the workpiece. With this jig, it tells you exactly where to place the hinge,” Stone says.

Kreg also presented a new drawer slide jig that holds the slides and drawer box in the desired position, freeing the installer’s hands. It sells for $24.99.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2016 issue.

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