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Kreg adds auto-adjusting face clamps to new K5

Kreg Tool Co., a manufacturer of woodworking tools and accessories, introduced its K5 Master System, model K5MS, with an additional auto-adjusting face clamp and portable base.

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“We came out with the K5 in early 2014 and we’ve always offered a Master System with our K4 jig, which has been our standard jig for years,” Kreg brand manager Dave Stone says.

“The idea of this Master System is when you buy any Kreg jig, there are a few things that are really helpful, like our face clamps. The K5 Master System has auto-adjusting face clamps. Unlike our standard clamps, these will automatically do the adjusting for you when you switch from one thickness to another. For custom woodworkers, this really speeds up their setup time.”

Stone points out these adjustable clamps can also work well with creating pocket hole joints as they can hold the two workpieces flush as you drive a screw from one workpiece into another at an angle.

“In a production environment, the K4 style is a ridged setup,” Stone explains. “It uses a threaded rod and if there are any slight material variations, the clamping pressure is not as efficient unless it’s readjusted. On the K5, the (clamping) pad is spring-loaded. It’s a really fast, tool-free change which for a custom woodworker is a very big deal.”

The K5 Master System sells for $170.

Contact: Kreg Tool Co. Tel: 800-447-8638.

This article originally appeared in the November 2015 issue.

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