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Kerfkore adds  face veneer option to Flexboard

Flexboard features a kerfed particleboard core.

Flexboard features a kerfed particleboard core.

Kerfkore Co., a manufacturer of lightweight bendable panels, has started offering a veneer face option on its Flexboard panel products.

Flexboard is a bendable form construction product, consisting of kerfed particleboard core and a .080”-thick hardboard face, according to the company.

Product manager Dave Quackenbush says the company invested in a hot press to offer Flexboard with veneer facing, based on customer demand.


“We’ve had Flexboard for a while and just started adding the veneer facing in whatever species is specified before they go to the end-user,” he says.

A veneer face is also available on Kerfkore’s Flexgreen panels made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified Eucalyptus fiber hardboard that contains no added formaldehyde (NAF).

“Flexgreen is really just an adaptation of the Flexboard but it offers somebody who has a sustainable or LEED project the option of getting the product all FSC or all NAF,” says Quackenbush.

Flexboard and Flexgreen with veneer facing can be bent to a 16” to 20” radius, depending on grain direction. Customers may provide Kerfkore with veneer for matching purposes.

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This article originally appeared in the February 2018 issue.

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