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KCD Software rolls out new design program

KCD Software released Version 10 of its closet and cabinet design program, offering new features to help shops boost production and efficiency.

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“We’ve made things faster and we’ve made them easier,” product manager John Murphy says. “We’ve made it so the program can easily be hooked up to CNC equipment and all of the machinery that is rapidly showing up in smaller shops. Now that the prices of that equipment are more affordable and business is picking back up again for woodworkers, we’ve really tried to make KCD so it would run all of that equipment.”

The program’s custom-design and build features now offer more details and opportunities for users. For example, in addition to perusing more than 100 new door styles in Version 10, details like stile and rail dimensions can be incorporated for a truly custom look.

Version 10 also generates job nests using the CNC Manager function. Multiple jobs can be joined together, down to the grain rotation and quantity for each piece.

“The CNC Manager gives cabinet shops the control to achieve a better yield every time,” Murphy says.

Unit menus have expanded with new additions to the included frame and frameless libraries and the Osborne Wood Products library.

Version 10 was also optimized for the company’s KCD Touch tablet software. “Our tablet interface for KCD is aimed at the sales aspect, but can also run all of the equipment in the shop, too,” Murphy says. “We’ve done a lot of work so our customers have the ability to go out and make presentations to their customers. Before, if you were going to have a new kitchen or a bunch of bookcases or something like that done in your house you call the cabinetmaker and they will get back to you in a week with some drawings and that really doesn’t cut it any longer.”

Version 10 starts at $1,995 and more for running CNC equipment. The software can also be rented by the month.

For information, call 508-760-1140 or visit

This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue.

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