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KCD Software debuts tablet design software

KCD Software unveiled the KCD Touch at the 2013 AWFS fair, a touch-screen cabinet and closet design software with built-in CNC machining and traditional cut list integration. Essentially, it is a full version of KCD custom cabinetry software that requires only the use of a finger, rather than a mouse.

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Product manager John Murphy says the Touch is available to existing KCD software customers for use on a Windows-based tablet device.

“We looked at KCD running in its native mode on a tablet and it was as terrible, as almost all Windows programs are running on a tablet. We rewrote the interface of KCD — every button, every menu — and made it so it was touch-friendly,” says Murphy.

The Touch excels as a sales tool, allowing an estimator or small-shop owner to visit a client’s home, produce a suitable design and hopefully close the sale on the spot. The software produces accurately measured project renditions with clear photos for the customer. All details stay in the customer’s built-in file through the manufacturing process for easy reference and project clarification.

Three-dimensional design renderings can be made with the touch of your finger or a stylus. These can include very specific details such as elevations, drawings, floor plans and custom building details. The designer can view different pricing options as well. To close the deal, the designer or salesperson simply saves the design file to a cloud-based system where it can be securely accessed by their production team. The tablet program also allows clients to sign off on projects and have them emailed or printed to them. With a credit card reader, the designer can leave the meeting with a deposit.

“So you can now take your tablet to a customer’s job site or house and design interactively right in front of them using the tablet. You can ask them if they want more drawers in one area or if a stove is too close to a window, for example. You could do that with a computer, but you have to set it down, plug it in and have a flat surface. With the Touch, you have the freedom to walk around the job site,” says Murphy.

Designs are fully integrated with building specifications and machining details for automated cabinet and closet manufacturing. The Touch is also integrated with KCD Commander, which creates the nest G code for CNC machining, as well as KCD Builder and KCD Workshop to provide cut list and building details for traditional cabinet construction.

The software works on a full Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro tablet with an i3 or above processor.

KCD Touch is available by subscription for $19.95 per month if you own KCD Software Version 9. The product is backed by free technical support and training.

Contact: KCD Software. Tel: 508-760-1140.

This article originally appeared in the November 2013 issue.

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