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Jet table saw includes cast-iron surface

Jet introduced the new 12” Xacta table saw at IWF 2012, model JTAS-12-DX, with the brand’s first extension table made of commercial-grade cast iron.

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“This saw features a massive 80” precision ground cast-iron table with a beveled front edge. It’s not wood, it’s not laminate. It’s a full cast iron surface from end to end. Once leveled, it’s going to give you a very solid and true surface to work on that is very heavy and won’t move,” says product manager Joan Duvall.

The saw has a 31-1/2” x 80” footprint and weighs 630 lbs. It’s powered by a 5-hp, single-phase motor, providing up to 4,300 rpm. A poly V-belt design provides a constant transfer of power, reducing slippage and minimizing vibration, according to Jet.

The saw comes with a 40-1/2” Xacta commercial-grade fence that glides along the rails until locked in place and a magnifying rail guide allowing users to pinpoint the desired stop.

The left-tilt saw supports sheet goods and other dimensional lumber within its 50” maximum rip capacity to the right of the blade and 14” to the left. The saw also accommodates 8” dados with a 13/16” width. A dado insert is included with the saw.

The saw also features a riving knife design to help reduce kickback and a see-through blade guard.

“As part of any safety feature with a saw, having a riving knife is one of the first designs you can do in order to prevent kickback. With the release of this saw, all of our Jet table saws will have riving-knife technology,” says Duvall.

The saw, priced around $4,000, also has an enclosed base and dust collection components.

Contact: Jet. Tel: 800-274-6848.

This article originally appeared in the November 2012 issue.

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