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Jet Smart panel-processor produces precise results

The new Jet Smart automatic boring and grooving machine from Casadei Busellato is designed for shops of all sizes, capable of drilling multiple horizontal and vertical holes, routing with automatic tool changes and sawing in the long axis, according to the company.

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Product manager Arthur Ross says the Jet Smart is ideal for general drilling, sawing and routing applications where low lot sizes are being produced.

The panel-processing machine is about 7’ wide and 14’ long and requires minimal operation. Once the edge of the panel is in place, the machine will pick up the part without assistance so the operator is free to find the next part.

The Jet Smart can finish cut to size or receive parts already banded. The machine will read the front edge and then pull the part into the machine by bottom edge-clamping units and hold it down with a pressure beam.

“The Busellato Jet Smart [automatically] adjusts the top pressure beam when the width changes from one part to the next and for this we allow just three seconds between parts for setup time,” Ross says.

“Small shops may find the most benefit in that the squaring parts is always a challenge with a table saw or even older sliding table panel saws. Some craftsmen actually cut each part two and three times to ensure squareness. By cutting panels oversize, the Jet Smart can trim both ends and the top for precision.”

The Jet Smart sells for $69,900, which includes delivery, installation and six days of training. Additional software and bar code scanning options are available.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2016 issue.

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