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Jet offers 14" closed-stand band saw

Jet has updated its 14" closed-stand band saw to offer a 12" re-saw capacity without the need for riser blocks. The new saw, model JWBS-14DXPRO, also features a 1-1/4-hp motor, micro-adjustable blade guides, and an overall beefier design, according to product manager Patrick Curry.

“When resawing, higher blade tensions are needed to eliminate the blade from slipping, but the band saw needs to be rigid enough to handle these higher tensions without the upper and lower frames deflecting,” says Curry. “The upper and lower cast-iron frames have been redesigned on the new Jet 14" [band saw] to accommodate for much higher blade tension.”

The band saw also features a “quick” blade tension release.

“All you do is flip a lever and now you can take the blade on and off easily. When you put a new blade on it, you re-tension it … you don’t have to reset that tension; it’s going to be there every time.

“The other feature that’s entirely new is that, in redesigning the upper cast-iron housing for this saw, we have incorporated a rack-and-pinion system for the blade guides, which is typically only found on larger sheet metal frame band saws. We’ve also moved the motor up, mounting it on the back of the lower cast iron housing. That gave us a storage area in the stand with a front access door.”

The saw, which has a 15" x 15" table, sells for $899.

Contact: WMH Tool Group, 2420 Vantage Dr., Elgin, IL 60124. Tel: 847-851-1000.

This article originally appeared in the December 2008 issue.

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