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Hoffmann planer is noted for its precision

Hoffmann Machine Co. exhibited the latest version of the Adler BH-556 Edge Lipping Planer at IWF 2012. Developed in Switzerland in 1970 and given regular updates through the years, the hand-held power planer is designed specifically for flush-trimming solid wood edges, as well as laminate, veneer and plastic edgebanding.

The Adler BH-556 Edge Lipping Planer, available from Hoffman Machine Co.

The tool has earned a place in shops of all sizes because of its ease of use, precise adjustment and safety features, according to Hoffmann USA general manager Markus Hueber.

“You can use this any time your edgebander can’t handle extra wide banding or where a panel is very large and it’s easier to leave the panel stationary and walk around with the machine,” says Hueber. “It also works well on curved edges, half round or free-form designs. With an edgebander, you’re mostly limited to straight edges.”

Weighing about 11 lbs., the planer has a 120-volt motor that reaches up to 16,000 rpm. It has a planning width of 2-1/4” and uses double-sided knives. Panel edges wider than 2-1/4” can be planed in multiple passes.

Cutter depth adjustments are made in 4/1000” increments with a turn of a knob. The setting remains in place until it’s changed by the operator, eliminating inadvertent damage to the workpiece, according to Hueber.

Another safety feature is a spring-loaded cutterhead guard, which closes when the planer is lifted from a work surface.

The cast-aluminum base plate has a powder coat finish to slide easily and prevent surface marring.

The Adler Edge Lipping Planer, model BH-556, sells for $1,174.

Contact: Hoffmann Machine Co. Tel: 866-248-0100.

This article originally appeared in the November 2012 issue.

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