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Harvey introduces  T40 Turbo Lathe


Harvey Industries has combined power with technology in its new bench lathe, the T40 Turbo.

Mark Strahler, the company’s marketing manager, says the lathe features an industrial servo motor system, which is commonly used on CNC production machines, along with a Delta-brand control system.

The servo motor serves as the spindle drive, enabling the variable-speed machine to follow a turner’s dynamic cuts with reliable speed consistency. Through its mechanical system, the lathe can sense resistance and will increase or decrease torque accordingly and deliver a consistent speed.

“We wanted to offer a compact lathe with lots of power and torque,” says Strahler.

“This has got a two millisecond response time through the controller, so when a turner reaches hard and soft spots in the wood, it gives feedback much faster and takes out a lot of the bumps and jolts. This provides for a very smooth operation. If you do really bury the chisel and stall the machine, you can just start it again.”

The T40 has a speed range of 60 to 4,300 rpm, indicated on a digital readout.

Constructed with premium-grade, precision-ground castings and oversized ball bearings, it weighs 178 lbs. for solid performance with minimum vibration, according to the company.

The headstock swivels 90 degrees, making it easy to turn large diameter pieces.

The T40 sells for $2,790.

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This article originally appeared in the December 2017 issue.

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