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Harvey adds HEPA filters to Gyro Air

The Gyro Air G700 Dust Processor from Harvey Industries.

The Gyro Air G700 Dust Processor from Harvey Industries.

Harvey Industries recently updated its Gyro Air G700 Dust Processor by adding HEPA-grade filters. The G700 incorporates a unique patented design that separates and captures dust particles of 0.3 microns or larger from the air, according to Mark Strahler, the company’s U.S. marketing manager,

“Unlike any dust collector on the market, Gyro Air uses axial centrifugation to spin the air/dust stream to over 4,000 rpm to separate dust from the air and collect it in the two bins hidden inside the unit. The G700 collects 99.7 percent of the dust particles before the air reaches the pleated filters,” says Strahler.

“The air emission cleanliness level from these filters can reach an unbeatable 0.05 mg/cubic meter. The aerodynamically optimized extraction system can save up to 50 percent on energy.”

The G700 uses an industrial 2-hp Siemens variable-speed motor and can service one or two machines at a time. Its patented Gyro Air technology and completely internal working parts keep the decibel levels to between 61 and 72dB, depending on speed. It has a maximum airflow of 1,110 cfm and a maximum static flow of 18-1/2”, and a filter surface area of 75 sq. ft., according to the company.

The machine features fully-enclosed housing, with dimensions of 56-1/4” x 23-1/2” x 33-7/8”, making it low enough to fit under most workbenches. Heavy-duty casters provide mobility. Its two dust bins can be easily accessed through a side panel and roll out for easy emptying. A remote control that works up to 50’ has also been added as a standard feature.

The G700 sells for $4,245.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2019 issue.

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