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Hain’s FMEA offers digital-cut accuracy

The Folding Measuring System (FMEA) from the Hain Co., a portable miter saw stand, can help in producing fast and accurate cuts for finished carpentry and crown molding, or any kind of case work, says the company. The system allows tradesmen to avoid redundant measuring and cutting hassles on job sites.

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“It’s extremely quick and highly productive when you don’t have to pull a tape every time you make a cut. With the FMEA, you’re eliminating the steps of cutting and marking and, when you eliminate those, in most cases you can double or triple your production,” says company president and system inventor Leonard Hain.

The FMEA features a heavy-duty frame made from aircraft-grade aluminum, reinforced pivot joints, stainless-steel hardware, and a material support arm with roller to help load lumber. It weighs about 85 lbs. — without the saw — and folds for easy transport. Universal mounting brackets accept most brands of miter saw brands.

But the FMEA is more than a saw stand. The measuring system consists of a user interface — a keypad with digital display — that automatically controls and advances the measuring stops to the length entered by the operator. The system can be set to read and display inches, feet/inches or centimeters, according to the company.

The FEMA is available in 6' and 12' versions for $4,195 and $5,195, respectively.

The Hain Co. also offers a non-portable Table Mounting Measuring System, which uses the same user interface and measuring stops, but attaches to the user’s bench. It’s available in 6', 12' and 18' versions, with prices ranging from $3,195 to $5,195.

Contact: The Hain Co., 6125 Enterprise Dr., Unit 1 & 2, Diamond Springs, CA 95619. Tel: 530-295-8068.

This article originally appeared in the June 2009 issue.

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