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Häfele’s connectors form strong panel bond


Hardware manufacturer Häfele America Co. has a new hidden fastener, the ixconnect Spreading Connector (SC 8/25), chosen as a finalist for an IWF 2018 Challengers Award.

The one-piece connector doesn’t require specialized machinery or tooling to insert, according to product manager Jon Farlow.

“Manufacturers are looking for a way to speed up assembly without necessarily interrupting the way they’re producing and the way they’re assembling furniture these days,” he says.

“So, we came up with something that uses standard drilling. If you’re using dowels and drilling 8mm, this will fit perfectly in your production scheme. It only requires an 8mm bit. We just give you directions on drilling depth, and that certainly doesn’t take away how you’re designing furniture. It’s quick in that you just insert the connector into one 8mm hole edge of a panel and face drill the opposite panel.”

The joint is made as the connectors spread and lock into place.

“That spreading action is really where you get that tensile strength. It’s designed to be really a one-time connection. It’s not meant to be taken apart,” adds Farlow.”

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This article originally appeared in the August 2018 issue.

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