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Grizzly’s CNC routers can help shops reach the next level


Grizzly Industrial offers its first two CNC woodworking routers, models G0894 and G0895, for shops seeking to add digital fabrication to their production processes.

The G0894 with a 23” x 35” cutting area is aimed at entry-level buyers or those making smaller projects such as signs or components. The G0895 can handle a full 4’ x 8’ sheet and features a six-zone vacuum table.

“The G0894 is really ideal for anyone who wants to get into CNC. It does do some light duty production work,” says Grizzly’s quality control engineer Cornelius Rand.

“Moving up, if you’re a cabinetmaker and looking for your first CNC, the G0895 would be a great option because you get the 4’ x 8’ capacity with the vacuum table, and it’s still at an entry-level price compared to a lot of the other CNCs on the market.”

Model G0894 features a 3-hp, 220-volt, 3-phase spindle motor, 1/8” to 1/2” ER20 collet, and seven T-tracks for workpiece hold-downs. It weighs approximately 772 lbs.

Model G0895 has a 6-hp, 220-volt, 3-phase spindle motor, 1⁄64” to 5⁄8” ER32 collet, four T-tracks, and six independently controlled vacuum zones. It weighs approximately 2,315 lbs.

Both models also feature a hand-held digital display with keypad controls and a USB port. The machines are compatible with most major brands of CAD/CAM software.

Model G0894 sells for $5,995; model G0895 for $17,995.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2020 issue.

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