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Grizzly Industrial adds a pair of benchtop planers


Grizzly Industrial introduces two new portable 13” benchtop planers, the G0939 with a three-knife cutterhead and stainless-steel table, and the G0940 featuring a helical cutterhead and granite table. Both can plane 13” wide boards up to 6” thick.

“Grizzly Industrial’s new portable 13” benchtop planers are perfect for garage workshops, job sites, or even production facilities that need an auxiliary planer for multiple setups. With an entry-level straight-knife model and the upgrade which features a helical cutterhead, solid granite table, and depth stop for repeat operations, there’s not much you can’t do with these compact machines,” says Grizzly’s Will Kersten.

Each planer is powered by a 2-hp single-phase motor that delivers a cutterhead speed of up to 8,500 rpm and material feed rate of 25 fpm, according to the company.

The G0939 has a 2” diameter straight knife cutterhead which features three SK5 double-sided knives that are 1/16” thick and measure 13” long x 1/2” wide. The stainless-steel table bed with extensions is 13” x 25”.


The G0940 has a 2” helical cutterhead with two-row spirals and 30 indexable carbide inserts and is equipped with a depth stop for repeat operations. The 1”-thick granite table bed with extensions measures 13” x 28”.

Both models feature folding steel tables and carrying handles for storage and transportation, board return rollers, a dust port with 4” adapter, and a fixed-height table design which allows for permanent outfeed roller setups.

The G0939 and G0940 sell for $595; and $895, respectively.

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This article was originally published in the August 2021 issue.

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