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Grizzly goes large with small 10” cabinet saw


Grizzly Industrial has introduced its largest 10” free-standing cabinet saw without extension rails, model G0941, featuring a rip width of 36” to the right of the blade, 18” to the left, and a maximum cut depth of 3-3/16”.

“This saw is designed for large capacity in a small footprint (23” x 21”),” says Grizzly’s multi-media manager, Will Kersten. “It’s a great, affordable option for people who want to cut plywood sheets in their garages or small shops.

“It’s also perfect for production work with its digital readout for blade angle, which saves time on setup and helps with accuracy and consistency when making repeat cuts. The G0941 is a solidly built, smooth-running machine with its heavy-duty, one-piece steel stand and three horsepower motor with serpentine belt drive.”

Other features include a 45-1/4” x 27” cast-iron table and cast-iron trunnions.

The G0941 sells for $2,350 with a miter gauge, rip fence, 4” dust port, blade guard/spreader, and one-year warranty. A mobile base is also available.

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This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue.

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