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Grizzly debuts sander, dust collector

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Grizzly Industrial has introduced two new products — a 15” disc sander, model G0719, and wall-mount dust collector, G0710.

Grizzly's 15" disc sander, model G0719.

The disc sander is powered by a 1-1/2-hp, 220-volt, single-phase motor with an internal brake. It features a 12” x 20” cast-iron table that tilts from positive 15 degrees to negative 45 degrees, and includes a two-axis miter gauge support. It uses 15” PSA sanding discs.

The steel, powder-coated cabinet provides a stable sanding platform and extra storage space.

The sander, which sells for $795, also has a 2-1/2” dust port and power switch with disabling key.

“It’s a new (category) offering for us due to customer demand,” says Grizzly product control manager Bill Crofutt. “Commercial shops wanted something bigger than the 6” belt with the 9” disk found on most combination machines, or even a dedicated 12” disc sander, and a little more powerful.

“It’s got a cast-iron disc, which is heavier and superior to an aluminum disk. It can take a little more abuse.”

The wall-mount dust collector has a 1-hp, single-phase motor and comes wired for 110 volts. It will pull 450 cfm at a maximum static pressure of 7.2”, according to the company. A wall-mounting bracket is included.

The dust collector features a 10” impeller, 4” intake port and 30-micron filtration collector bag. It sells for $170.

“It’s perfect for a single machine, such a table saw or router, and it’s portable if you want to take it from machine to machine. Naturally, it’s not suited for duct work; it’s ideal as a point-of-use dust collector,” says Crofutt.

Contact: Grizzly Industrial. Tel: 800-523-4777.

This article originally appeared in the July 2011 issue.

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