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Grizzly air filter works even when you don’t

Grizzly Industrial offers a new three-speed hanging air filter, model GO738, that can be set to run while you work — and with a timer when the shop is closed — to clean the air of fine dust particles.

Grizzly's new hanging air filter features an internal squirrel cage impeller that will stand up to the toughest shop environments, according to the company.

Grizzly’s Jon Shafer says the filter is designed for any woodworking shop where the finest dust produced by normal woodworking operations becomes suspended in the air.

“Even shops with highly efficient dust collection systems cannot capture all of the dust created. This is due to the normal escape velocity of sawdust at the saw blade or sanding machine and the physical limitations of fixed dust hoods. This fine dust will usually stay suspended by air currents caused by shop activities and then settle out of the air overnight. Once shop activities start again, the dust becomes re-suspended. Therefore, the only viable solution to capturing this suspended dust is to use a hanging air filter such as this,” says Shafer.

At the maximum fan speed, it will filter 409 cu. ft. of air per minute. Shafer says this equates to filtering all of the air in a 10’ x 10’ x 8’ shop every two minutes. Increasing the shop size to 12’ x 22’ x 8’, or that of a typical two-car garage, will result in a 5.2 minute air recycle time. Multiple units can also be operated simultaneously to handle any size shop depending upon desired cycle time.

The G0738 features a 1-micron filter rating, remote control with timer, pleated and bag filters and necessary hardware for a ceiling installation. Ceiling mounting is ideal for unobstructed airflow, quiet operation and less clutter in the shop. Its 13” height dimension means it won’t limit headroom. Low noise levels of 62 o 69 dB are comparable to a handheld electric mixer, according to Shafer.

“Besides the obvious health benefits of having a recirculating dust filter system in a wood shop environment, the G0738 is CSA-certified and is made in an ISO 9001 approved factory. Its 1-micron filtration captures the finest suspended dust and its two-stage filter system is easy to clean or replace,” he adds.

The Grizzly three-speed hanging air filter sells for $199.95.

Contact: Grizzly Industrial. Tel: 360-647-0801.

This article originally appeared in the June 2013 issue.

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