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Grizzly adds 10" combo jointer/planer

Grizzly Industrial introduced a 10" jointer/planer combination machine at IWF 2008 that is designed for production applications. The jointer accommodates material up to 10-1/4" wide, and the planer has a work-piece capacity of 10" wide and 8-1/4" thick.

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The 2-3/4-hp combination machine features vulcanized-rubber planer feed rollers, a small 25-3/8" x 22" footprint (not including infeed and outfeed tables), and converts from a jointer to a planer in less than a minute.

“The outfeed table is raised and held in position by a little lock lever so it can’t fall down,” says Bill Crofutt, Grizzly quality control manager. “The dust hood is flipped from underneath the outfeed table to on top of the infeed table. There’s a safety switch that is automatically engaged so that it can’t run unless it is flipped up in the proper position. That’s all there is to switching it.”

The single-phase machine is a follow-up to a 4.2-hp 16" industrial jointer/planer, which Grizzly introduced last spring at a cost of $6,350. The 10" jointer/planer, model G0675, is manufactured for shops looking for a combination machine with a significantly smaller price point, according to Crofutt.

The jointer has cast-iron infeed and outfeed tables with a total length of 41-5/16", and a 5-7/8" x 35-7/16" fence that tilts to 45 degrees for bevel cuts. The jointer depth control is controlled by a lever on the side of the infeed table that is indented at every millimeter.

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“It has a two-knife cutterhead with conventional mounting,” says Crofutt. “It has gibs and jack screws for adjusting the height of the knife. The knives are high-speed steel [HSS] and the high quality of the knives produces a finish that is as good, or even better, than a three-knife cutterhead.

“It uses a European-style cutterhead guard, which rises with the table. The fence is mounted on the end of the table versus a center mount, which is common in non-European machines, and it’s quick release — it just lifts right off.”

The planer has a single-feed speed of 16 fpm. Grizzly is committed to vulcanized feed rollers, a process where the rubber is formed onto the steel at a high temperature. Crofutt says the rubber feed rollers provide traction as good as metal, but is non-marring.

The Grizzly 10" jointer/planer combination machine, model G0675, weighs 317 lbs. and is priced at $1,195.

Contact: Grizzly Industrial, P.O. Box 2069, Bellingham, WA 98229. Tel: 800-523-4777.

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