Grex nails it with cordless pinner

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Grex unveiled its new cordless 23-gauge headless pinner, model GCP650, at AWFS and collected a Visionary New Product Award.

The nailer weighs about 3.75 pounds and applications include light wood assembly, finish and trim work, dowel and joint pinning, lightweight paneling and more. It has a 100-pin magazine and fastener range of 3/8” to 2”, according to the company.

Engineering the tool was no easy feat, says product manager Raymond Wong. He discussed with Woodshop News how Grex strived to get it to meet today’s current demand for cordless power.

“When it comes to nailers and staplers, there’s always been a huge challenge of going cordless. The reason for that is most cordless power tools like drills and saws have a rotational motion so it makes sense to go battery powered. But nailer and stapler tools are very different; you’re trying to generate all of the energy into an instantaneous punch,” says Wong.

“With our technology, we’re the first company to actually produce a cordless nailer that works as similarly to a nail gun that’s air powered as possible.”

The tool is powered by the Grex GFC01 fuel cartridge and two AAA batteries. Each cartridge shoots approximately 1,300 pins, according to the company.

The 23-guage cordless nailer sells for $438.

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This article originally appeared in the September 2019 issue.

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