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GPI offers built-to-order Stay-Flat vacuum tables

Graphic Parts International’s Stay-Flat vacuum tables offer the advantage of securing composite materials to cut, machine, apply coatings, flatten or inspect without having to use tapes, clamps or other hold-down methods.

GPI's vacuum tables can be customized to meet specific needs, according to the manufacturer.

“These tables are typically used with any kind of routing machines or any work-holding requirements for other applications, such as holding anything in place while they apply adhesives or do routing or cutting applications. This will hold down anything that’s non-porous,” says Mike Green, president of AWT World Trade, GPI’s parent company.

GPI offers thousands of vacuum table and air flow system variations with table sizes up to 10’ wide x 25’ long in square or rectangular shapes. Green says GPI engineers can design vacuum tables with zoned air flow, cutouts, inserts, disappearing registration guides, lift pins and hundreds of options to expedite the most demanding production needs. Available surfaces including anodized aluminum, stainless steel and phenolic plastic.

“If you already own [a CNC] machine, then we’ll manufacture the table that fits your machine. Once we know your application, we’ll size a vacuum pump to the table, provide that and an on-off valve and hoses or whatever you need to make a whole system work. If you don’t have a CNC and it’s a work-holding table that you require, we’ll also manufacture a vacuum table with legs and a tiltable table upon request,” says Green.

Prices range from $300 for a small table to $20,000 or more for a larger table. Pumps and air flow technology components can be added for an additional cost.

Contact: Graphic Parts International. Tel: 773-725-4900.

This article originally appeared in the February 2012 issue.

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