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Gorilla epoxy

GORILLA EPOXY is a two-part epoxy product offered by the Gorilla Glue Co. that sets in five minutes and can be handled in 90 minutes. The epoxy’s all-purpose formula easily bonds materials such as wood, aluminum, steel, stone, glass, ceramic, concrete and most plastics. The product features a reusable syringe that evenly dispenses separate barrels of resin and hardener. The five-minute set offers the user plenty of time to reposition material to obtain a perfect fit. Gorilla Epoxy withstands moderate exposure to water and will not break down from exposure to common solvents, according to the company. The Gorilla Epoxy is sold in a 0.85-oz. package and retails for $5.99. Contact: Gorilla Glue Co. Tel: 800-966-3458.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2009 issue.

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