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General unveils new air-cleaning system

General International has introduced its latest air-cleaning system that features two-stage filtration and a filter-cleaning sensor with indicator light. The Pro Turbo air cleaner, model 10-550 M1, is designed to clean quickly and quietly, and operate in conjunction with a dust-collection system.

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"The outer-pleated filter is the first line of defense and its job is to capture up to 98 percent of all the particles 5 microns or larger," says General spokesman Norman Frampton. "The second filtration stage comes from the inner three-pouch cloth filter. The felt cloth of this filter has a very tight weave and is rated to capture 85 percent of the smaller 1- to 5-micron particles that sneak past the first-stage filter. It makes for a very efficient system.

"The filter-cleaning sensor lights up when the filters are clogged up enough to affect airflow through the machine. The sensor basically detects the change in air pressure and sends the signal to the indicator light so the user knows that it is time to check the filters."

The machine is designed for easy tool-free filter changes. The user simply turns off and unplugs the machine and then lifts the filters out by hand for inspection, and either cleans or replaces them depending on their condition. The filters are sold individually and General recommends that the user keeps at least one spare filter of each on hand.

"Filter longevity depends on a variety of factors within the shop, but under average professional-usage conditions, most shops won't need to replace the filters more than once or twice a year," notes Frampton.

The 28" x 24" x 12" air filtration unit features all-steel construction, is powder-coated and includes four top-mounted eyebolts for ceiling installation. The system has two operating options. It can be set to run continuously or set for one-hour increments between one and 15 hours.

"The user can set the run-time duration by pressing the timer button on the control panel on the front of the machine or on the included remote controller," Frampton says. "The programmed run time can be increased with each successive push on the button. With the machine operating in timer mode, the appropriate timer indicator light or combination of lights will be lit to show the total number of hours the unit has been set to run for. The machine will automatically stop at the end of that programmed run period."

The filtration unit weighs 68 lbs., has a 1/8-hp motor and runs with air movement of 800 cfm. The filter cycle is 20 times per hour for a 15' x 20' x 8' room, according to General.

"Air-filtration systems for wood dust are becoming more and more popular in shops all over North America and with good reason," explains Frampton. "Anything that can help contribute to a healthier, cleaner work environment is worthy of consideration. The 10-550 M1 can help fill that role because it does just that. It is very effective, built to last, filters quietly and efficiently and, with the new filter cleaning sensor, is easy to use and maintain."

The General Pro Turbo air cleaner with filter-cleaning sensor is on sale for $350 through Feb. 28. The outer-pleated filter (item No. 10-560) sells for around $35 and the inner three-pouch filter (item No. 10550-30) retails for $83.

Contact: General International. Tel: 514-326-1161.

This article originally appeared in the December 2009 issue.

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